New Revenue.

More Connectivity.

Happier Visitors.

Orion Wifi lets businesses sell Wi-Fi capacity to cellular carriers


Easy, Quick, & Free

Use your existing Wi-Fi network. It’s free & easy to turn on Orion Wifi monetization. No new hardware or software required.

New Revenue Stream

Participating cellular carriers pay to put their subscribers on your Wi-Fi network.

Happier Visitors

Seamlessly use your Wi-Fi to improve cellular coverage.  It’s a great complement to a DAS system.

Who can use Orion Wifi?

Orion Wifi is used by malls, retail stores, office & residential buildings, downtown districts, airports, transit hubs, and other public spaces.  Orion Wifi is compatible with commercial Wi-Fi equipment from leading vendors like Cisco Catalyst, Commscope Ruckus, Meraki, Juniper Mist, and more.
Orion Wifi is currently available to businesses in the United States.  Contact us for a deployment guide.

How many visitors do I need?

There's no minimum volume of visitors required. Most properties we work with have between 50,000 and 20m annual visitors. Revenue will vary based on foot traffic, network quality, and other factors.

Matt Newton,

SVP of Product Hardware

"We're excited to utilize Orion Wifi to continue bringing the latest innovations to our members. Orion will extend the benefits of our WiFi-first technology such as Bonded Calling, ensuring that members have high quality, seamless connectivity while on the go."


Matt MacPherson,

Cisco’s Wireless CTO

"Cisco and Google share a vision for the future of connectivity; one in which users have seamless and secure wireless experiences, and providers can easily work together to put users first. Orion Wifi breaks down barriers that have traditionally made it difficult for carriers, public venues and enterprises to collaborate. We’re excited to work with Google to deliver Orion Wifi for Cisco’s OpenRoaming-enabled networks."


Martin Cassidy,

Head of Strategic Carrier Relations

"As the leading carrier-grade Wi-Fi provider, we're excited to use Orion Wifi to expand our connectivity offering to travelers & visitors across our US footprint."


Christian Gilby,

Product Marketing Leader at Mist

"We're excited to offer Orion Wifi to our customers to promote in-building connectivity and the monetization of existing networks. Juniper's native Passpoint and RadSec support makes it easy to configure Orion Wifi in less than 30 minutes."


Ben Cardwell,

SVP Venue and Campus Networks

"Carrier Wi-Fi offload in public venues can be frustrating for consumers and even more so for venue managers and owners as they negotiate rates and try to solve roaming costs between operators. Developing this new platform for Wi-Fi offload with Google helps create the lasting connections CommScope has always delivered to consumers while enabling companies monetize and secure their networks."


Tiago Rodrigues,

CEO for the WBA

"We are delighted to see that as a WBA member, Google has focused on solving the user experience when roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi and has created the Orion capabilities in partnership with our work on OpenRoaming™. This ground breaking launch will create new business opportunities for carrier-grade Wi-Fi and reinforces the agenda of secure and automatic Wi-Fi experience for users.”

WBA logo.png

Mark Zikra,

Vice President Of Technology

"Orion Wifi has the potential to not only enhance the tenant experience, but also building operations, and investment. We are excited at the opportunity to partner with Google and continue to deliver world class services in the commercial and residential real estate space."


Rick Varnell,

Managing Partner at 5G LLC

"We're excited to partner with Google’s Orion Wifi because it solves in-building connectivity issues while enabling property managers to maintain control over their network."


Mike Bonewitz,

CTO at Gigamonster

"Orion Wifi enables us to bring another in-building connectivity solution to our multi-family and commercial real estate customers. We're excited to see residents, tenants and staff get seamless connectivity when entering buildings powered by Gigamonster."